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Next Door Studios – Boiler Room Stash


Tyrell is a hard working, back-bone-of-America kind of guy. He puts in long hours at the plant, making sure there’s food on the table at his house. But when the quittin’ whistle blows, Tyrell’s mind starts to thinking about sex…rough, dirty, nasty, sex. That’s why he has a hidden porno magazine underneath a some heating equipment in the boiler room. After work he usually throws a quick beat before heading over to hop on the evening train home. But today his dick’s just been too stiff. He’s decided to pop one off at lunchtime. Watch him lock the door and drop his jeans to reveal a behemoth cock that needs a good stroking. Join him while he enjoys some much needed relaxation time. His incredibly hot, chiseled body lifts steel and moves heavy stuff all day and this meat tugging is a nice cool down. Shoot off some steam with this blue-collar hunk!

Date: September 27, 2012
Actors: Tyrell

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