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Next Door Studios – Brock Hammer


Brock Hammer is a load of midwestern hunk with a thick body and a desire to please. Straight outta Chicago, this stud spends his time hitting the weights and working on cars, and here we can see the fruits of all that hard work, as Brock strips out of his shirt to unleash his massive chest, neck and arms. Running his hands along his stomach, he sits down on the bench and bangs out a few reps before returning the weights to position. Pulling out his shorts, he strips down bare and spreads his legs on the bench, massaging his cock and coaxing it out to play. Brock lightly fondles the shaft and teases the head, before stroking himself to full density, his cock throbbing from the sensation and just begging to spit it’s load. Brock delays the inevitable, turning over onto his knees and smacking his meaty ass once or twice before laying back down and going for gusto, launching his load onto the floor and then wiping the beads of sweat from his brow.


Date: June 30, 2014
Actors: Brock Hammer

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