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Next Door Studios – David Stone


David Stone has come a long way to deliver the goods to you. Originally from Poland, this multi-sport athlete now resides in the basketball mecca of Indiana, where he spends his days studying radiation therapy and hitting the weights, keeping his svelte frame in order. Somewhat reserved, David nonetheless describes himself as a sexual deviant, so when it comes time for him to strip out of his clothes, he has no reservations, spreading his legs and standing his cock straight up at full mast. He flips over onto his knees, sticking his ass high in the air and his cock through his legs, stroking between his thighs as he looks over his shoulder. Then, flipping back over, he softly and slowly rubs the head until it fills up all nice and shiny. David then walks over to the mirror, admiring himself as he finishes off, blasting the glass with his hot load and watching it drip down to the floor below.


Date: March 10, 2014
Actors: David Stone A

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