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Next Door Studios – Garrett Michaels


When Garrett Michaels answered the ad for a full time sperm donor, he thought his life was on Easy Street. Getting paid to jerk off all day? What could go wrong with that? Well as he soon has found out, it’s not all hard dicks and happy endings. Turns out there is quite a demand for the spooge of a strapping young buck the likes of Garrett. And so here we find him, at the end of a hard day, with one more empty specimen cup to fill. Garrett musters up his will, and unbuttons his jeans, pulling out his cock one last time. To his surprise, his cock is more than ready to deliver, standing at full mast as Garrett bends over in the chair and strokes himself off. Sitting back now with his legs thrown over the armrests, he gives himself plenty of room to do the deed, and his cock is pulsating and ready to bust its load. As Garrett stands up to empty his package, his muscles convulse one last time and then his cock spits out its bounty, as Garrett falls back into the chair fully spent. Eh, it beats working for a living…Enjoy!

Date: July 2, 2012
Actors: Garret Michaels

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