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Next Door Studios – Homework


Joey Devero has some friends over after school one afternoon, ostensibly to study. However, Trent Jackson & Steven Wild have no real interest in learning the curriculum, and instead are using the time to study each other’s bodies. Joey’s mother calls to check on him and he assures her that everything is on the level. Meanwhile, Trent is rubbing Joey’s cock as Steven runs his hands down Trent’s body towards his waistline. Having disposed of mom on the phone, Joey joins in earnest and the three of them begin to get down, as Steven stands up and takes his cock out, shoving it in and out of Trent’s waiting mouth while he simultaneously jacks Joey off. Joey watches with envy as Steven fucks Trent’s mouth, and decides he’d like to get in on the action, so he trades places with Trent and begins to suck him off. All three guys rotate a few more times until Trent is ready for some after school cock, and Joey obliges, pumping him full of dick as Steven continues to fuck Trent’s in the face. Joey then decides to give Steven a taste, and so he rides Steven while exploding a load all over himself, whereupon Steven and Trent follow suit, blasting Joey with one hot load after another just as Joey’s mother pulls up in the driveway.Enjoy!

Date: February 19, 2013

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