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Next Door Studios – Park and Ride


Playing Frisbee down at the park and just generally shooting the shit on one hot afternoon, Derek Reynolds, Jordano Santoro and Ryan Russell all agree that a cool down is definitely in order. Jordano suggests the group adjourn to his nearby apartment for a little refresher. Upon showing up, Jordano goes inside to make the drinks while the other two wait outside. Sitting there on the patio lounge, it becomes clear that most of the heat is not coming from the sun, but from somewhere a little further south. Ryan entices Derek with his eyes, and by the time Jordano returns with the drinks, he finds Ryan on his knees with Derek’s dick in his mouth. Watching them from the doorway, Jordano slips his hands into his pants and starts stroking his own dick. When they notice his return, they invite him and his hard cock to join the mix, so he pushes up against Ryan’s back and penetrates his ass as Ryan continues to suck Derek off. As the heat rises, the guys get even more intense, as Jordano pumps Ryan missionary while Derek sits on his face, then Derek decides he wants some of that dick too, so he switches places with Ryan and Jordano pumps him as well. With the sun piquing above them, they all seem ready for a little bit of release, so they take turns cumming on themselves as a giant cloud offers a little respite from the sun. Some way to cool off!

Date: October 18, 2012

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