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Next Door Studios – Ray


Ray is a soft spoken guy who carries a big stick. Originally from the midwest, Ray’s quiet, unassuming demeanor masks his extreme lifestyle, where he gets his rocks off drifting cars, street racing and just about anything else he can do to get his adrenaline pumping. When he’s not pushing the limits of automotive safety, Ray is all business, and we catch up to him here as he unwinds from the tough day, peeling out of his button down shirt, loosening it up at the collar and slowly unbuttoning it, sliding out of his shoes and pants as he reclines on his desk, legs spread, cock ready for action. He wags his dick at the camera as it gets harder and harder, and soon enough, Ray’s member is ready for action, so he moves over to a window seat, relaxing in the sunlit seat as he begins to massage his cock, thumbing the shaft and lubing up the head. With legs spread, he works his cock with both hands, flipping over onto his knees and pushing his dick between his legs as he gives his ass a firm and hearty smack, before flipping back over and launching his load all over his chest, marking the end of his tough work day.


Date: August 18, 2014
Actors: Ray

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