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Next Door Studios – Scotty Dean


It’s midday and one Scotty Dean relaxes poolside. His lounge chair is comfortable. The oil on his skin is fragrant as it absorbs golden rays. Scotty grows restless. His cock is warm. It grows slowly harder until he can’t ignore the bulge anymore. He reaches down and squeezes it, just before popping it out of his bright red swimsuit. A bit of tugging leads Scotty to seek refreshment in a shallow portion of the pool. He removes his shorts to feel the cool in every crevice of his body. He gently thrusts his hips up and down, making the water ripple. You’ll watch him enjoy the essence of Summer as he continues to jerk his fat dick. Join Scotty and let your own senses be filled. Enjoy!

Date: July 30, 2012
Actors: Scotty Dean

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