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Next Door Studios – Show Me Your Tats


Brad Rockwell jumped at the chance to hang out after school with cool kid Alex Jordan. Everyone in class had been buzzing about Alex’s new tattoo. It was so badass, even old Mr. Garnigle, the campus groundskeeper, was impressed, and he was a sailor a long time ago.

Brad had a very neat secret to tell Alex; Brad had a tattoo too! Once alone in Alex’s room, Brad felt comfortable showing it off. After checking out each other’s ink for a little while, Brad took an opportunity to remove his shorts for a picture Alex wanted to snap with his phone. When Alex had a look at Brad’s fat cock, he couldn’t help but grab it and suck! ‘Wow, what a boner!’ Alex thought to himself as Brad’s large erection throbbed in his mouth. Then Brad had the idea to play with Alex’s sweet ass. He rubbed the hole and squeezed the cheeks for a while before Alex decided he wanted some warmth around his knob as well. Brad was more than happy to slurp Alex’s hard thang for a while. But he wanted to fuck Alex! Really bad! But before he did, he went in for a taste of Alex’s asshole. It was tight and, Brad could tell, eager. He had Alex slide right down on top of it. What happened next is the stuff they talk about in dirty magazines. You won’t believe the action!


Date: August 27, 2013

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