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Next Door Studios – Trickin’ on the Deck


Brayden White is making JD Evans a little nervous. As JD tries to scroll through his phone, Brayden is riding around on his skateboard, precariously avoiding potential disaster with every turn. Finally maneuvering around to the couch, his luck runs out as he crashes onto JD and the two of them fall laughing. As he helps him stabilize, JD leans in to kiss Brayden on the neck, and in no time, the two of them doing tricks of and entirely different sort. Dropping to his knees, JD takes Brayden’s cock as deep as he can suck it, as Brayden moans in approval. Brayden returns the favor, throwing JD back against the couch and then licking his shaft and balls all over. JD turns over and Brayden slips his eager cock into JD’s waiting ass, then JD arches up and raises his ass so Brayden can pound it harder. Turning over and pointing his legs up toward the ceiling allows Brayden to hit his spot, and JD responds with an ever hardening cock, stroking it into submission as Brayden pulls out and blasts him with cum. First trick he’s landed all day.Enjoy!

Date: June 26, 2012

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