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PeterFever – Top Cops 6: Don & Fu


Top Cop Fu comes to Don for a massage after a long day of policing. He strips naked and climbs onto the table, where Don takes a GREAT deal of time and expert care on his ass. He spends the first part of their session getting his dextrous Asian fingers inside Fu's hole. When he walks around, Fu is ready and fired up to take the sexy Asian stud in his hungry mouth. Muscular Don obliges with a kiss, then reaches down to beat both their hard uncut cocks together.rnrnFu's small in stature but well-built and well-endowed. "Now it's time to finish the therapy," Don announces and slides his dick into Fu's wide open butt as he strokes the cop's cock with his other hand. Fu wraps his legs around and moans as the massage table creaks ominously. He rides masseur Don and gets big uncut Asian woody rammed straight up his booty and jerks his load out onto Don's chest. Don announces "Here I cum!" and he's not kidding, as big arcs of his flying sperm leave sticky stripes over Fu's well-massaged face.

Date: February 14, 2020

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