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Train HARD 6: Home Training


Not all your XXXtra sexy workouts have to take place in the well-equipped gym of a hot male sauna, like the ones Jesse Stone, Des Irez, Jon Darra and Damian Dragon have demonstrated at Hawk’s Gym in Las Vegas. This week’s episode proves that a workout can be just as effective, and just as quick to turn naughty, as any gym workout. Handsome Alfonso Osnaya is the eager pupil of real-life trainer Jessie Lee at his apartment. Alfonso is built, but with the advanced techniques Jessie shares he’s gonna be even more muscular and irresistible, First exercise is a compound movement cleverly combining a biceps curl that pushes up into a shoulder press. When Jessie moves to triceps extensions, Alfonso can’t help running an eager hand across the trainer’s tight swole muscles. Trainer and pupil share a knowing glance–this workout is going straight to bed. As they move on to pushups and pump Alfonso’s chest, both of them already have their minds on a post-workout fuck.

Fingers caressing each others’ torsos, Alfonso and Jessie kiss and begin groping. Jessie’s stiff cock pops out of his shorts and Alfonso grabs it. He drops to his knees and starts nursing on the big tool. He poses seductively ass up on the bench and Jessie licks his firm booty and hairy crack. Jessie’s raw dick slides into the spit-slick hole easily and he starts thrusting fast and deep. Horny bottom Alfonso pops a big boner that strains against the bench’s leather as he gets his ass rammed. But just like the workout where Jessie started the demonstration and Alfonso followed to the letter, now Alfonso is topping Jessie with the same smooth bareback technique. But Jessie was born to stick his cock into that hungry hole and he goes back to being the aggressor. Alfonso is not one to mind. After drilling in balls deep, Jessie pulls out to shoot and sprays a creamy wad across Alfonso’s lower back. Collecting a handful of cum he fingers Alfonso and works it into his buddy’s hole. Good workout

Date: September 20, 2021

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