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Pride Studios – I Didn’t Know You Were…


Benn and Nick are going over their report to make sure they have not forgotten any pieces of material that should be added. It all looks good and ready for the teacher so Benn heads to the bathroom and while he is out Nick jumps on the computer to get a better look at the report when he notices that Benn has left open a tab with gay porn playing. Nick takes a step back and can’t believe what he is seeing on the computer screen. As he is checking out Benn comes back and is super embarrassed by it. He quickly shuts the computer down and tells Nick not to worry about it. Nick is now curious about all of it and can’t believe his buddy is gay so Nick chats him up about how it feels to be with another man. Benn likes men and lets Nick know he can have a trial run with him and so they do. Nick is eager and is quick to start sucking his cock and playing with Benn’s balls. He can’t believe he has another mans cock in his mouth but hits making him rock hard and he’s dripping precum all over the place. Benn thinks this is a dream come true and before you know it he has Nick bent over and his thick cock deep inside that nice smooth dark ass. Nick is taking it like a champ for his first time and loves it so much that his prostate is hit just right and he explodes his juicy warm cum all over the place. Benn sees Nick’s big load and can’t help himself but to let his load out and slowly use the cum as lube as he finishes stroking himself.


Date: July 15, 2015

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