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Pride Studios – Indecent Position


AJ and Cody are having some fun before his roommate gets back to the dorm. Cameron is sucking on AJ’s cock as he lies back in his bed enjoying the service and a wet tongue sliding up and down his shaft. Cameron is in the zone servicing AJ when all of a sudden the door swings open and in comes Cameron who jumps back and is shocked as to what is going on in his dorm room. He can’t believe his eyes let alone finding out his roommate is gay. AJ apologizes and didn’t know he would be back so early as he covers himself up embarrassed about the whole situation. Cameron is speechless but AJ and Cody decide to ask him if he wants to join since they are butt naked anyways. Cameron is not quite sure what to make of this offer but the boys begin to strip him naked and Cameron becomes putty in their hands as they both take turns sucking on his hard cock. This is Cameron’s first time doing anything with a guy let alone two of them but he watches them fuck as he gets blown and eventually AJ wants to fuck his tight virgin ass so Cameron lets him but he has to go real slow as his tight ass isn’t use to a hard cock being pushed in. AJ takes his time and once he is in he pounds his ass deep and hard which Cameron unexpectedly loves. Cameron is so turned on by having a cock inside him that he cums all over himself which in turn makes AJ and Cody blast their warm nut all over his chest as well.


Date: March 2, 2015

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