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Pride Studios – YEARBOOK PAGES


Zach and Jordan are taking it easy today going through their yearbook reminiscing about the good times and all the rumors that use to fly around campus about the teacher fucking one of the students and the soccer team having a big blow job orgy. As they sit and discuss the past they start to become horny thinking of all the action that was going on behind closed doors. Jordan decides to pull Zach’s sexy cock out and wraps his lips around it nice and tight. Jordan has been waiting all day to get naked and have Zach fuck him and now that they are horned up he can finally feel that cock deep inside his eager ass. Zach loves to teas Jordan and pump him slow and steady before he gives him his hot cum. Jordan can’t wait for it and is sent over the edge while being fucked hard and deep on his back.


Date: March 30, 2015

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