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My Boss is A Dick, Scene #03


Co-workers Beau Reed and Thyle Knoxx are swamped with work when their boss Jason Vario comes in to check on their progress. When they ask for an extension, Jason lets them know it comes at a price as he locks the door and strokes his bulge. Thyle knows his boss means business as he whips his cock out and Thyle gets to sucking while Beau fights for a taste of his own. Soon, Beau is able to get his lips around Jason’s cock while Thyle licks Beau’s eager hole. The man in charge takes his position when he bends his employees over a desk side by side and alternates between fucking their holes bareback. Jason keeps control as he moves Thyle to insert his cock in Beau while he stays planted deep in Thyle’s crack. Jason takes turns fucking both of his hard workers until both Jason and Thyle breed Beau’s hole while he spills his on the floor.

Date: January 29, 2021

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