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RagingStallion – Big Bigger Biggest 1, Scene #01


Antonio Biaggi starts us off with a wall-to-wall oral scene full of spitand cum. As the camera pulls out from Antonio’s 11-inch monster, thescreen fills with a room full of horny studs. ‘Release the cocksucker,’barks Antonio and everyone falls in line. Behind the glory-hole wall wehave three of the biggest and best tops in the business, Ricky Sinz,Antonio, and Roman Ragazzi. On their knees, Mason Garet andDominic Sol wait with eager mouths, hungry for dick. As thecocksucking starts there is not a soft dick in the building. Mason takesa turn sucking Antonio’s huge cock and then gives some attention toRicky. Dominic has one dick in mind and he works Roman’s cock withhis lips and throat eagerly. Jay Black joins in and swallows Antonio’smassive schlong without hesitation, wetting it with spit and saliva andswallowing it again. As the tops bark orders, the bottoms suck away,grabbing each other’s asses as they fill their mouths. Ricky shootsfirst, covering Mason’s face with white cum followed by Antonio andRoman who cover their bottoms. Jay turns around and strokes himselfas Mason shoots all over Jay’s face and Dominic adds his load too.Jay, covered with cum, shoots his own load all over his chest.

Date: December 12, 2008

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