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RagingStallion – Big Dick Revolution, Scene #01


Having posted their revolutionary flyers all over, Valentin Petrov andSean Lawrence return to headquarters for some R’n’R. True to themovement’s motto, both studs are sporting horsedicks. Valentin can’twait to get Sean’s hefty black stick down his gullet, he wraps both fistsaround the gigantic pole and swallows it down getting it rock hard.Soon it’s Sean deepthroating his buddy’s uncut meat pole, excitingboth of them so much that they begin to fuck. Positioned behind,Sean plugs Valentin’s asshole with his thunder stick and thrusts inand out with fervor. The young revolutionary moans and groansencouraging his friend to carry on, and Sean is diligent in deliveringas many blows as they both can endure. Their bodies glisten withsweat as they continue fucking with Valentin now down on his back.The white Russian jacks himself off and cums while his studly blacksoldier screws him until he finally pulls out and creams him.

Date: April 6, 2012

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