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RagingStallion – Forbidden Dreams, Scene #03


As Tommy Blade (in a non-sexual role) trains his muscles his mindwanders to a hot three way in an unidentified gym. Lucas di Fubbianobelongs in the gym. His muscles bulge from beneath his shirt almostas much as the bulge in his pants. JD Kollin is a big muscled hairystud who loves to hit the gym and help out other men build theirmuscles. Ford Tuff is a hairy muscled boy with an eager mouth and a’fuck yeah’ attitude and butt worth pounding. As this scene opens JDis helping Ford Tuff build his biceps while Lucas di Fubbiano workshis chest. JD gives both men help before he whips his dick out. Oncethe sex starts the weights fade away and the focus becomes thesethree and their muscular bodies. After Ford and Lucas warm JD’scock up, Ford goes down and eats Lucas’s big muscly ass. Lucasthrows his legs up and back like a gymnast as JD and Ford fight withtheir tongues for a taste of Lucas’s asshole. Once it’s warmed up Fordstuff his dick into Lucas as JD gets his dick worked over by a talentedcock-sucker. When Ford has worked over Lucas’s hole JD wants aturn to pump him but Ford wants to get fucked instead. Fords hairybutthole takes JD’s cock for a good hard round and then Lucas wantssome more. These three men fuck and fuck until they explode all overthe gym floor.

Date: July 16, 2012

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