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RagingStallion – Fucked Hard, Scene #04


Toned Ty Roderick has a tattooed revolver pointing to his crotch. For buff and gruff CharlieHarding, that’s an invitation to a shooting match. He checks out Ty like he was buyinglivestock: grabbing Ty’s perfect, huge cock, squeezing his pecs, pinching his nipples andslapping his face before zeroing in for an aggressive open-mouthed kiss. Ty holds nothing inreserve, pulling his hardon out from behind its mesh pouch and feeding it to Charlie, whoguzzles it. When Charlie announces “Now it’s my turn,” Ty grabs both of their cocks,stroking his own curved shaft while guiding Charlie’s into his mouth. Charlie talks dirty, firstsavoring the blow job, then the musky scent and taste of Ty’s ass. He spreads the cheeks toreveal the glistening pink hole that’s about to be stuffed with Charlie’s massive cock. Asit-fuck is the best way to doubly connect: cock in ass and tongue in mouth. Ty’s freed cocksways with the winds of passion as he impales himself. Later, Charlie flips Ty onto his backand teases his sphincter with all-the-way-in, all-the-way-out strokes until both men blowtheir loads in a blizzard of passion.

Date: December 7, 2012

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