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RagingStallion – Gay Dreams, Scene #04


Shane Rollins waits outside, wondering what buddies Peter Raeg andMichael Vincenzo are up to, and decides to imagine himself in an allmalesandwich that starts off with an ass eating extravaganzafeaturing Super Star butt hole every where you look! Hairy man-ass,begging boy-ass, porn star muscle-ass – no matter what your taste,it’s on the menu in the feature finale of Gay Dreams. A frenzyof ass-eating is followed by wet and nasty cock sucking until you areaching for release! Then Michael Vincenzo and Peter Raeg takecharge of Shane’s Butt in what cannot be described with words alone.This is real sex in real time and the cum shots prove it! MichaelVincenzo was so turned on by Shane’s world class ass that heactually shot four separate full loads in a matter of less than fiveminutes, the last one spurting out of his over-used cock right asShane and Peter erupt in a massive joint spunk spasm that leaveseveryone shaking in disbelief!

Date: May 26, 2005

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