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RagingStallion – Hard As Wood, Scene #05


Back at the campfire the storytelling never ends! Campfire buddiesMicheal Brandon and Mike Power blow their loads after hours ofstorytelling and stroking. Suddenly Joey Russo appears out of thedarkness, you know that the best is yet to come!Joey, one of California’s most voracious sex pigs, chows down onboth cocks before him, taking each dick all the way down his greedygullet. If you have seen Michael Brandon’s cock, you know that thismeans Joey has very real talent!Fucking in a variety of positions in front of the campfire, Joey can’t getenough as he bounces back and forth between his two tops. Theverbal abuse is great and Joey squeals like a pig on a spit! Thefucking here is dramatic and we all feel that this is the bestperformance of Joey Russo’s career. His final cum shot–stroked offby Mike Power while straddling Michael’s cock–is a showstopper andis the fitting end for the finest finale of any film of 2005.

Date: May 4, 2012

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