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RagingStallion – Hold Everything, Scene #05


Set in a gym where Remy Delaine and Chris Crawford hook up righton the floor, Remy plays the bottom role when the scene turns tofucking, but before that he gives Chris a teasing warm-up, kissing himand then sitting astride his crotch as they each do some exploratoryfondling and stroking. Then Chris gets his hands on Remy’s cock andstrokes it, the tight foreskin barely retracting with each backwardmovement of his hand. Remy’s furry butt, his hard cock swingingbelow, takes the focus next as Chris eats out his ass in a stunning rimsequence. In the mutual cocksucking acts that follow, Remy’s heavilylashedeyelids droop with his Chris’ adept oral talents, and then Remygets on his knees so that Chris can face-fuck him. As wonderful asthe preliminaries are, the finale fuck is better. Although it is Remy whois getting fucked, he is also often the aggressor, riding Chris’ cockhard in addition to leaning all the way over for intermittent hot kissingaction. Remy pulls out all the stops leaping off Chris’ dick, sucking itagain, then turning around, rubbing it between his furry cheeks andthen once again impaling himself on it. Remy’s blast-off, deliveredwhile he’s sitting on Chris’ cock, is astoundingly good. Sweat pops outon his forehead just before spunk erupts from the head of his cock.Then, with Remy on his knees, Chris’ hose sprays a shower of cumdown on Remy’s chest and face, and Remy rises to share one last,messy kiss with his fuck buddy.

Date: September 29, 2005

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