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RagingStallion – Hotter Than Hell Part 2, Scene #02


The Devil calls, and it is time for the fun to begin. The three maketheir entrance from a manhole and trail Steve Cruz (in a non-sexualrole), waiting to pounce on their prey. They catch Steve and lay aroyal beating, leaving Steve in the gutter crying for help. Help arrives,but it is not the kind he wants. ‘The Cop’ Ricky Sinz needs to takeSteve back to get his payment…The interrogation begins, and Ricky explains to Steve that he is not ina police station, but HELL!! The minions chain Steve, making himwatch the HELL ORGY. Alexy Tyler joins the motley crew. Tober is onRicky; Alexy is on Logan who is on Dak. Let the cocksucking begin!Poor Steve can do nothing but watch. A hazy mist flows across all.Steve is aroused by what he sees, but he is not sure if this is wherehe wants to be.The hard cocks are everywhere, and eager mouths waiting for them.Ricky orders Tober to free Steve, to allow him to join the others. Theminions force Steve on Ricky’s ever-hard cock, making him take it allin. Steve starts to suck off the others. Logan and Tober soon explodehot cum on Steve’s face.

Date: March 28, 2012

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