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RagingStallion – Ink Storm, Scene #03


So a guy walks into a bar… That’s the setup for our next act. Our sleazy, marked-up bartender, Ricky Sinz, waits for a patsy like Tamas Eszterhazy. The tension is thick and the attitude strong as they smoke and stare each other down-the game is on! Staring continues until Tamas gets up to take a piss. Ricky follows him, stands over him and demands attention. It’s refused at first, but who could refuse a dirty white boy like Ricky? Our hungry Hungarian is soon on his knees sucking Ricky’s cock. Both of these men are heavily tattooed beasts. As the camera travels up and down their inked skin, it’s like it worships their marred, stunning bodies. Tamas climbs up on a set of barstools and Ricky fucks him hard, demanding every bit of his attention. They are connected by cock, ass, and ink as they glide over one another. The colors of the bar are dark and muted as their colorful skin moves and bounces with each thrust. Tamas’s ass gets torn up and he loves it. It’s why he came here! Tamas moves into doggie position, which makes his ass look even more incredible, and Ricky pushes a mean round of fuck into him before they each finish off in a violent frenzy. It’s porn noir at it’s sexiest.

Date: January 1, 2010

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