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RagingStallion – Oh My Godfre: Benjamin Godfre Erotic Photo Shoot Solo


Benjamin Godfre’s session begins with a documentary-style photo shoot. Benjamin and top Raging Stallion photographer Kent Taylor banter about ass hair and abs while Benjamin poses in skimpy swim trunks. Then the trunks come off and the wood comes out. Benjamin flicks his dick around and jostles his balls – sometimes sultry, sometimes sexy, sometimes silly – always Benjamin. His dick is hard, and the poses suggested by Kent emphasize the erotic features of Benjamin’s ass, thighs and torso. Finally the photographer steps aside so the action can commence. Benjamin’s balls are hanging low and swaying to and fro as he works his cock with his fist, darting sidelong glances directly at you. He’s even sexier when he reclines on the padded deck lounge, stretching and spreading his legs, putting the entire package on display and into motion. His face breaks out in a sweat and his balls swell into separated orbs with sharp cleavage between them as the cum begins to flow onto his hairy tummy. Benjamin plays with his spooge then rubs it in like sunscreen.

Date: December 27, 2012
Actors: Benjamin Godfre

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