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RagingStallion – Oh My Godfre: Naked Skateboarding with Benjamin Godfre


Benjamin Godfre rides his beloved skateboard in San Francisco’s famed Castro district, shedding his clothing as he goes. His famed physique is slender but muscled. His nipples are hard, his chest sports fine hair. By the time he gets to Castro Street itself, Benjamin is wearing only his shoes. His skateboard streaking raises few eyebrows. Darting into an alcove, Benjamin is stopped by a brick wall. He sets the board aside and, facing the wall, shakes his booty and begins a slow bump-and-grind intended to show it all off and get you going. His tight buns, just right for two handfuls, tilt provocatively. He caresses himself with one arm while the other is busy in front of him. Peering back over his shoulder, he turns, his hard on rotating into view. His thumb and index finger encircle his arching cock as he strokes and squeezes, forehanded and backhanded. The free hand continues to traverse the taut muscles of his torso, occasionally reaching down to squeeze his balls. When he lies down and spreads his legs, his dark crack lined with hair. Now stroking with a traditional grip, Benjamin teases his hole and quickens the pace. A long vein pops out along his bicep as he lets loose a gasp and a burst of jism.

Date: December 24, 2012
Actors: Benjamin Godfre

2 thoughts on “RagingStallion – Oh My Godfre: Naked Skateboarding with Benjamin Godfre

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