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RagingStallion – SexPack #10 – This End Up!, Scene #03


Carlos Morales is slingbound with his ass exposed and ready. Aaron Tanner would be a fool to dillydally. Aaron is furiously eats Carlos’ ass as the scene opens…not only rimming but sucking the red cock in a cockring and fingering the welcoming butt. Aaron deep-throats Carlos in extreme-close-up, but these two were made for fucking. So, Aaron starts off with a bang, thrusting so hard it ripples throughout Carlos’ hunky body. This is one of the best uses of a sling I’ve ever seen. No hands needed, just the honing device buried deep in Carlos’ ass, as it seems. These guys fuck in a few rather unlikely positions, seemingly more excited by them than challenged. After Carlos is done, Aaron continues with some blowing and rimming, which shows Aaron’s face as sweaty as Carlos’ hairy butt.

Date: January 1, 2010

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