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RagingStallion – Stripped 2: Hard For The Money, Scene #04


At this strip club, even the bartender gets a piece of the action. Jeremy Stevens is polishingthe glassware when Jimmy Durano ambles over, pulls out a giant hard on, and suggests thatJeremy polish that instead. Jeremy comes out from behind the bar, grabs hold of the dickbeing waved at him, and zeroes in on Jimmy’s lips. Both men are shirtless. Jeremy’s mouthtravels down over Jimmy’s pecs and washboard abs to his cock, taking time to pinch andpull the foreskin with his lips before opening wide to suck. Jimmy’s hands guide his cock,the base of which is fully as thick as his wrist, when not gripping Jeremy’s head. Jeremysplutters and spits, grabbing Jimmy’s balls for support. Jeremy is determined to inhale everyhard millimeter. Jimmy’s need is for Jeremy’s ass. He squeezes, probes, licks and kneads ituntil Jeremy is practically hyperventilating, then he rams his fat fuck stick in to the hilt.Jeremy’s back arches like a cat in heat as he sets up a counter-thrust. Sweat breaks out ontheir bodies. A geyser of spooge erupts from Jeremy’s cock while Jimmy is still fucking him,covering his chest and abs, then Jimmy adds his load to Jeremy’s face.

Date: January 29, 2013

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