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RagingStallion – The Big Island, Scene #06


Picture shirtless, sexy Jay Black raking the lawn in a beautiful islandparadise garden. Justin Christopher saves Jay from the heat, bringinghim ice water which he playfully pours over Jay’s smooth, perfect faceand body. The two embrace and embark on an incredible sexadventure of their own. Justin sucks Jay beneath a nearby tree,devouring every inch of Jay’s smooth, dark, delicious body, coaxingJay’s cock to rigid attention. Soon, the two are surrounded bytowering bamboo, where Jay lovingly tongues Justin’s big cock to full,rigid hardness. The look in Jay’s eyes says it all. They retreat to asun-drenched deck and Jay writhes and rides Justin’s huge cockthrough waves of pounding pleasure – Hemolele(perfect)!

Date: May 9, 2012

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