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The Foreman’s Son, Scene #01


Arad Winwin and Dakota Payne are on the job site getting things ready for the day, but their raging hard-ons have other plans in mind. It isn’t long until they’re stripping each other down and Dakota is on his knees begging for Arad’s hard and uncut cum-filled cock to stuff his mouth. Arad chokes Dakota with his cock as he struggles to take down all his manhood. Arad works his hands down Dakota’s body while Dakota pleasures him and finds his asshole just waiting to be opened up. Arad runs his tongue up and down his crack before he pushes his cock head in, splitting Dakota’s ass nice and wide. He fucks Dakota with his bare cock, enjoying the warm wetness of his ass. Dakota loves the feeling of Arad’s thick, raw dick plunging in and out of his hole and finally gives himself permission to blow. As Arad continues the relentless bareback pounding, Dakota sprays his load all over himself. Dakota’s well-trained hole continues to grip tightly and massage Arad’s cock as he furiously builds to the final crescendo and sprays his load all over Dakota’s gaping asshole. Arad takes his cock and uses it to push his freshly shot load back into Dakota’s ass. Will Dakota’s hole ever be the same?

Date: July 12, 2021

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