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Work From Home, Scene #02


Tristan Hunter is taking full advantage of working from home. He always stays comfortable by never wearing pants during video conference calls and always makes sure to take regular cum breaks throughout the day. The only problem is that Tristan forgot to exit his latest virtual work meeting and now all of his coworkers are watching him stroke his long cock in bed. His work peers only grow more shocked as a freshly showered Jim Fit comes into frame and swallows the entirety of Tristan’s dick. While still facing the open laptop, Tristan unknowingly gives his coworkers a show as he buries his face between Jim’s cheeks before inviting the man to ride his hard meat bareback. The horny bottom rotates between jerking himself off and letting his erect cock flop around as his body goes up and down on his partner’s thick pole. Once Jim is on his back, Tristan turns it up a notch by rapidly pumping his big dick into his boyfriend until they both shoot their creamy ropes all over Jim’s naked body. With his afternoon cum break now coming to an end, Tristan has to figure out if this widely-viewed bedroom performance will be included in his next performance review.

Date: August 25, 2021

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