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It's a master class in modeling and porn production as second-term Alex Miles tests John Rene on what he's learned so far. Dickham and graduate teaching assistant Rave Hardick set the scene with new production student Erick James on hand, as the guys hit their marks and begin making out. Scurrying about to get the technical side right, it's a bit of distraction when Rave needs to step in front of the camera. But once the scene gets rolling, Alex and John let their natural horny instincts take over, which usually leads the way to the best porn.nnJohn guides Alex around and lets the slim boyish stud lay atop him, worship his hard-muscled body, nips and thick manly cock. It's not acting when Alex fills his mouth with big brown dick and enjoys every second. They shift up to kneeling. John gently pushes Alex to the bed, grinds his dick into Alex's crotch and fluffs him up with some cocksucking and a few deft hand strokes. After some hot back and forth oral and rimming John pries Alex off his dick to roll on a condom.nnJohn glides in to full deep penetration. Filling Alex to the max, he gives a little pump to feel around deep inside that ass. It feels so good he can't help speeding up and letting loose on the hungry young stud. Driving in from behind, he's building toward a thick hot release. Finally he plows in with Alex's legs wrapped around and the smaller guy shoots all over his tight torso. John jacks steady and intensely, pumping a hearty wad that leaves Alex dripping and sticky with two manly puddles of cum.

Date: September 6, 2018

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