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David and John kiss and grind their bodies together in slow motion, and David reaches up to fondle John's stiffening rod. John puts his sexy pouting mouth to good use on David's nipples then works down to his thick crotch. Turned on, David's legs pop up so John can get a mouthful of his tight tasty hole. John's butt bobs up and down as he rims. His cock is liking what's in his mouth. He moves up so his dick rubs seductively against David's wet crack.nnDavid needs cock, but he wants to make sure it's stiff and ready to plow him. He sucks and strokes with one hand till John can barely stand any more stimulation. David pumps his crotch against the sheet as he stuffs his mouth with dick. It's time. He slicks that big cock with lube and rolls on a condom, squeezing his cheeks around it until he finds that magic spot to push it in. In one long smooth stroke he fills his hole with John's hot, hard cock.nnBoth guys are super turned on, but they take it slow and sensuous at first, only increasing speed when they are both well acquainted with each other's bodies. David turns away to back his hole down onto John's long pole. With every little pump of John's pelvis David thunders down onto that cock like his life depends on it. David bites the sheets as John turns him over to pump his cock even deeper in. nnJohn grabs both cheeks and plows in as David groans with pleasure. Ass and cock pound together while David works his dick in rhythm; they're too close to slow down. Pulling out both dicks come together in a flood of cream that drenches David's fist, prick and golden abs. He grins with satisfaction when John moves in for one last connected kiss.

Date: August 21, 2018

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