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Trying to remember what I've learned at SpunkU, Jordan Beatz and I pair up; he will bottom for me. We kinda look alike so it's like I'll be fucking myself. Using one of the toys on Jordan, I stretch his hole; he's going to need it. Oh fuck, Jordan gasps as he breaks out into a sweat and lets me in; he is tight. Getting used to my cock, Jordan squirms and we switch positions. Sitting on me, he tries to control just how much he's taking until, I start thrusting up into him. Busting quickly, Jordan hops off and shakes off the sensation. I get a lot of guys blowing fast; you're welcome. Getting my nut, Jordan rubs and sucks on me; he's a good ball licker. Trevor Stone is a very endowed guy; he can fuck, but let's see how he is taking a dick for SpunkU. There's much more for these two to learn and us to film.

Date: April 5, 2018

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