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Part 3 of the Sexy Sons of Satan series… Of all the Sons of Satan, Rave Hardick is the most powerful and the Alpha of the group. No Son is fully accepted until Rave gives them their final initiation and his approval. Romeo has come so far, but will his sex prove strong and seductive enough for the Boss?\n\nRave has Romeo cuffed and chained by his collar to the dungeon wall. At first he toys with the new meat, slapping his diabolical dick against the initiate\'s ass. When it enters Romeo\'s starving hole, magnificent masculine power lights up every nerve of his being like fire. He groans and gasps for breath, but Rave shows no patience or mercy. This boy has to give up his cherry of innocence once and for all to the leader.\n\nPushing him down on his knees, Rave plows in and hits the magic button deep inside where all pain turns to insatiable pleasure. Romeo responds now with soft purrs and then roars of ecstasy. His ass belongs to the Sons of Satan, and he feels Rave\'s penile powers filling him with hellish beauty, erotic hunger and an irresistible charm that will make all men his willing sex slave. \n\nAfter a fuck that thunders through the ages, Romeo lies back to be baptized the cum. Rave beats off with a diabolical fervor, slathers his young charge with a hot hell-fired spermbath. Romeo licks and gobbles the powerful elixir and takes his place in the dungeon\'s chains to drain the male essence of the next hot fucker to tangle with the Sexy Sons of Satan.

Date: October 24, 2018

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