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Led to the sling and hanging head down at the business end, Romeo is in the perfect position to get a musky mouthful of JayCee's daddy dick. And when his mouth gets worn out it's so easy to shift to jacking Daddy off and letting your head drop down a little further to suck those big dinosaur eggs he calls his balls.nnBut now it's time to get down to the real nitty gritty, and JayCee latches Romeo into handcuffs right side up again, with his legs splayed open and ass ready for action. JayCee slides on in and fills that young horny ass to the hilt. Speeding up, he rattles the chains like a team of angry spirits from the other side. His balls slap into the smooth skin of Romeo's taint. Time for a change of position? Sure thing, just cross those cuffs over and turn your boy face down on the sling, then drive that dick on home. For a cuffed-in captive, Romeo sure does love every inch of that dick he''s getting slammed into his hungry hole. Groaning for more and for a sexual release, Romeo is the kind of eager bottom guys dream about.nnJayCee is master of sling technique, giving the chains a little tug so Romeo is impaled on hot juicy rod with every effortless stroke. Freed from the cuffs, Romeo turns agains so he's open to JayCee's hardest, toughest thrusts. Satan's sons are horny little devils and Romeo is blasting his hot lava like a fountain, splattering himself with creamy cum as JayCee keeps plowing in. A relentless top, JayCee is still taking his sweet ol' time, and finally pulls out when he's had enough Grade-A slut boy ass. He spurts his sperm and feeds it to Romeo like honey. A fucked-out Romeo staggers over to the wall chain to be clasped in and spanked, left for the next lucky fucker.

Date: October 16, 2018

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