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Staxus – New Boy Gets Psychoanalysed The Spunky, Hard-Cocked Way! HD


A good psychoanalyst always knows how to relax his patient – and STAXUS stalwart, Logan Lech, certainly proves his top-notch medical credentials in that respect when confronted with new boy, Alex Couzens. With his patient laid out on the couch, Lech immediately heads for the one part of Couzens’s body that is sure to totally distract the brain – namely the crotch! Indeed, any semblance of stress or anxiety is promptly dispelled as Lech unbuttons his client’s trousers and reaches inside his zipper; by which point Couzens is quite literally under his doctor’s spell and quite literally drooling at the prospect of sexual intimacy. A prospect that Lech quickly makes a reality as he pulls out the newbie’s dark, shaved phallus from inside his pants; gobbling down on the lad’s shaft with the kind of gusto that you’d expect from a pro. Not that Couzens is exempt from a love of cock given the manner with which he returns the compliment soon after; but it’s Lech who remains the driving force in this duo, not least of all when he bundles his patient over the back of the couch, fingers his arse-hole and then finally rams his dick inside for all he’s worth. What ensues is an arguably rather kinky mating ritual, which actually involves some interesting foot-play mid-fuck; but which ultimately sees Couzens taking STAXUS cock for the first time in a range of positions, before nature finally gets the better of him and he spews the contents of his cum-sac all over the floor. Leaving Lech to sign off proceedings by jerking out his own pent-up load of boy-batter across his own smooth belly!

Date: January 1, 2019

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