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Swingin Balls – Bubblin' Balls at the Hot Tub


Ginger hipster Dom Ty and tatted white trash superstar Corey Gunz are relaxing in the hot bubbles of an outdoor jacuzzi. The hum of the waterpump makes it almost impossible to understand what they say, but one thing POPS out of the din. Dom Ty is the proud owner of just one ball (but a very big one). Heated up, they lean forward against the hot tub and bend over to show off their three nuts. Tan, studly Corey tries to stroke his two-hander cock with one busy fist, and Dom Ty beats off with that one big ball bouncing and jiggling in its long loose sack. They lie next to each other pounding their puds, and for "straight" guys they keep a close eye on each others' meat. Each devotes extra attention to cupping a tender hand around their nutsacks. Corey is the first to blast off with a splash of sticky juice, then Ty closes his eyes and leans back to focus on the hot feelings in his crotch. He creams his fist and plays with the thick man glue that drips off his happy fingers.

Date: July 26, 2018

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