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Swingin Balls – Jeremy's Hot and Wild Massage


Dark, bearded Jeremy Cox is a "real guy" type, with a natural build and some well-placed patches of hair. He stretches out on the bed face down to get a massage from JS Wild, who starts by giving a rubdown from head to toe, but concentrating on the sexy hairy parts in the middle.rnrnJeremy's ass is furry in the crack, and his thighs and nuts have a soft downy crop of hair. JS kneads the round, mounded cheeks of his butt, then reaches a lubed hand onto his balls and lengthening cock. As rubbing turns to stroking, Jeremy sports a full-on woody and his balls hang long and low behind. JS fondles those huevos, gives them a gentle tug and pulls apart the fuzzy skin of his sack.rnrnWhen Jeremy rolls over onto his back and points his knees up, JS gives up on a massage and goes for a full-out handjob. He milks the cock slowly, holding Jeremy's nuts in the other hand. Jeremy's gently pumping hips show he's responding to the careful ministrations. Jeremy keeps his eyes closed, concentrating on the feeling welling up from his groin.rnrnWhen JS speeds up and grasps a bit tighter, Jeremy can hold back no more. His cock spurts out a load and shoots straight up before the juicy cum dribbles down JS' fist. "So sensitive!" JS remarks as Jeremy winces and can't take any more manual attention.

Date: March 4, 2019

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