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Lowhangin Hall of Famer John Powers is back, and when he sees the round glass table he just HAS to dangle his balls on it's shiny surface. Stripping down he rubs his scrotum across the cool glass, then reaches down to feel his dick swell up to a nice thick hardon. The camera looks up through the glass tabletop to John's mighty nuts served up in haute cuisine style. Wouldn't you like a mouthful of that entree?rnrnJohn sits at a nearby chair and dials up something tasty on his mobile while he works up to a steady stroking rhythm. His hand glides over the cold steel ball of his dick piercing, then he reaches down to give his huevos an appreciative pat. Kneeling on the chair his hairy ass crack and well-packed nutsack look hot and delicious. He slaps his hard cock into the palm of his hand. Playing for the audience, he jiggles his balls seductively with every stroke of his dick. rnrnTime for a horny man to put away the toys. The mobile phone out of sight, John closes his eyes to concentrate on the feeling welling up from his nuts to the tip of his cock. He's getting ready to blow. He strokes a few short slippery pumps till his cock is ready to fire off a load of seed. Aiming for the glass table below, John squeezes his nuts and erupts in a fine splatter that shoots a foot across the smooth clear surface. He moans with each spurt of sticky cream, then shakes the last drops off the tip of his head.rnrnRubbing his balls in gratitude, he slides his juicy cock across the table and sighs with satisfaction.

Date: June 4, 2019

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