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Josh is a fuzzy stud with a smattering of black tattoos emblazoned across his chest. Enjoying a lazy day on the patio, he drops his black boxer briefs to show off an impressive dick and hairy crotch and legs. He slicks a palmful of lube across his hands and reaches down to jack his cock. From a low camera angle we can look up at his balls bobbing with every stroke and the smooth contours that frame his furry ass crack. As he speeds up his nutsack swings seductively.nnHe raises an arm to take in the musky scent of his hairy pits. Turned on by his own man scent, he picks up speed and intensity and sits down to concentrate on his growing need to cum. Joshua leans back and focuses his jerking on the thick mushroom head. The shot turns to slo-mo as a load bubbles up from his nuts, works its way up the shaft and finally sprays down his fist. He squeezes the final drops out of the slit and rubs the juicy goo into his chestnut pubes.

Date: October 16, 2018

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