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Swingin Balls – White Chocolate… Soo Good!


I brought White Chocolate in early to get a few pics before Javier arrived. This Daddy like his boys young and hot. Little did he know that Troy and Zander were here hanging out along with two other hot otter boy's. So during the photo shoot he reveals his big thick cock and balls that are full of a warm load just waiting to explode! (Fuck my life, the hot tub is cold, or you know JS Wild would have his balls hot and hanging, but that just means for more White Chocolate to cum). White Chocolate's cock started growing fast and got hard quickly (no porn needed), just the thought of all the sexy hot boys just the other side of the walls.rnrnWhen he saw Javier come in the room, that cock said "No fucking way am I going limp!". Now all Javier could do seeing that beautiful big hard cock ready was to strip and jump onto the set with a big ass grin on his face. Now we know this boy likes daddies as well, now my job just got harder! LOLrnrnJavier quickly knew just what he wanted and that was a big cock in his hot wet mouth! He licked sucked and adored the monster in his face and White loved it! They moved to the bed and White laid back to let Javier do what he wanted; slobber all over his cock! We knew how bad White wanted to shove that dick all the way in Javier's sexy mouth, but Javier has had some experience it seems, he knows how to handle big dicks. After a hot make out session, the cock was calling for more attention that Javier loved to give.

Date: February 6, 2020

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