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Black and White: Scene 2: Marcus Ram & Spencer Quest


Markus Ram’s a hefty, hairy-chested muscle man. His belly is ridged with six-pack, and his cockring’s got a choke hold on a fat piece of granite-hard meat and big, swollen balls. He’s the kind of guy who knows that even the Chief needs to be taken down every once in a while. So when Commander Quest checks up on the Aquatic Operations Unit, the two big men get to tearing at each other with some mighty rough romping. Quest’s a fool for Ram’s fuckstick. The sloppy cocksucker’s got spit smeared across his face as he slathers the fat tool so deftly that the hefty pair are soon heaving up gobs of manseed. But this bout’s just beginning. Quest tucks his legs behind his ears, exposing a rosy, hairless hole and demands Ram deliver some tongue probing and four-fingered stretching. Ram throws a scalding screw up Quest’s greedy cock-clencher, and when Quest sits on Ram’s colossal ass-splitter, he tortures the galvanized gutstick with a blazing cock-ride that soon drowns them both with nut-busting bullets. A definite contender for “Best Sex Scene” at the 2006 GAYVN Awards!

Date: February 20, 2013

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