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Get ready for two hours of burning hot mansex as nine rugged blue-collar guys bang each other senseless in the boiler room deep in the bowels of a power plant. These studs all sprout 5 o’clock shadows along with their sprung cocks, and their favorite way to cool off is to lick the sweat from their hairy pecs, ass cracks and ball sacks after they’ve worked themselves into a lather fucking, sucking and jerking their big, stiff dicks. You’ll definitely need to blow off more than just steam once these guys heat things up! Muscled, giant TitanMen exclusive Diesel Washington (Folsom Filth, Hitch) and compact muscle stud CJ Knight (making his TitanMen debut) take a shine to each others’ cocks, with Diesel pounding CJ’s smooth muscular ass every which way. Hunky TitanMen exclusive Tober Brandt (Spy Quest 3, Folsom Filth) and his buddy

Date: April 10, 2018

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