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Night Heat: Scene 1: Jay Bentley & Tom Wolfe


As he surfaces from the pool, statuesque Tom Wolfe lifts his frame into the night as water drips from every muscle. Lounging on the poolside bed is jock Jay Bentley, quickly inching closer to kiss and suck the stud. Tom’s cock pulses when it’s released from Jay’s mouth; he whips it on the sucker’s face, fucking it again as Jay gags (“Yeah, that’s it,” Tom whispers). Jay rubs his hand on the stud’s stomach, Tom covering it with his own hand in a hot shot. Jay sucks his balls, then lays back to get slurped. On his stomach, Jay gets eaten as his boner is splayed against the mattress. Tom slides his cock in, his hand on Jay’s toned back. “Pull that ass cheek back,” he instructs, Jay showing off his hole. Tom goes faster, his hairy, muscular quads slamming the bottom’s smooth ass. Jay grips the mattress as he is pinned, then sits down on Tom—the bottom’s hard cock bobbing as he rides, Tom grabbing hold of his ass. On his back, Jay comes as he gets fucked—his wad used as lube as the top strokes out his own load.

Date: May 21, 2014

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