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Uk Hot Jocks – AGGRO2 – Sc4


I think it’s safe to say, we saved the hardest, most intense, roughest EVER fucking scene until last. AGGRO veteran Teddy Torres is back for his final victim… I mean partner, Rico Fatale. It starts off pretty heavy handed, spit here, slap there.. Teddy has his eyes on Ricos incredibly juicy arse and his thick cock deep down in his slobbering throat. The boy can take a throat fucking like the best of them! The sub has been treated to some rough oral fun, time for some punishment. Teddy markers his fists up to Ricos chest, punch, pause, punch, pause, punch. Each strike makes Ricos cock twitch. Bringing him in a little closer, holding him by the throat, its a round of facial slaps, the boy is LOVING it! Orgasmic gasps after he’s been practically beaten… wow! Not being a total bastard, Teddy grabs him in for a deep passionate kiss after he’s finished, with that part of the session anyway. Bent over, hands held behind his back teddy rims Ricos thick bubble butt deep, getting him wet for an imminent pounding. Pushed flat and mounted, Teddy starts to fuck. Rico turns his head back not for a kiss, for MORE spit and he’s rewarded in abundance! Holing onto Ricos harness he pulls him back and rides him like he’s trying to escape! The boy is LOUD, you’ve never heard a bottom make the walls echo like this in porn… ever! Rico is a master screamer, especially while he’s getting his ass fucking handed to him! Dragged to the edge of the bench, legs in the air Teddy drives deeper into him still. Sweat drips off of both guys.. “fuck me” rico gasps, *SMACK*… that’s what you get for making orders! Taken over to the hanging wheel and angled just so his dick can get in at its deepest. Using the full force of a heavy industrial tyre a a fuck tool for Rico’s arse, Teddy is more in control than ever… and Rico is louder than ever. This is a fuck to remember!

Date: June 26, 2018

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