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Uk Hot Jocks – AGGRO2 Scene 3


It had been a long time coming but we finally paired up two of HotJocks biggest names and most iconic performers, Andro Maas and Anthony Naylor. Anthony has a fearful lust in his eyes, he can't wait to be dominated! Steely and unaffected, Andro waits for a submissive Anthony to climb the fuck box and crawl his way over to him. Not met with anything soft such as a kiss, he instructs him to open his mouth so he can spit directly into it. Face pushed down into Andros crotch, he licks the leather-like fabric, begging him to get his thick, hard cock out. Slowly unzipping the front of his jock and sliding out his fat ginger meat, Anthony gets to work, all the while presenting, arching his perfect arse up, ready for inspection. Andro lays back, enjoys his blowjob and indulges him a little by smacking his arse, just a hint of what’s to come later. Spinning him over so he can stuff his cock deep down into his throat, testing his mettle, now Andro is really enjoying himself! More of a 1 sided 69 until Andro can’t resist tasting Anthonys big meat too. Not just tasting, sniffling, licking, stuffing some fingers up his arse… very primal, very horny! Getting him bent over he takes a firm grip of his harness and rails his way into him. If you didn’t know the exact purpose of a leather harness, you do now! Pushing him down he climbs on top and fucks him vertically, practically through the fucking box! All the while Anthony is pressed down, helpless and made to endure a power fuck. Relinquishing a little control and taking a well earned break, Andro sits back and lets Anthony ride him, to show him how much he wants his cock. Taking to the suspended tractor tyre, Anthony lays back and thinks of Liverpool while Andro utilises the force and sway of a 200kg swinging fuck bench.pulling him all the way off his cock and back on again, he better keep that hole open! Ramping up the intensity he pulls him in closer and thrusts, he’s thrusting for cum, fucking streams of cum out of Anthony while he screams the place down! Throwing him back on the big box one last time and pulling his head to hang over the edge, ready to receive the facial of his life…

Date: June 14, 2018

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