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UK Naked Men – Brandon Jones and Ken Ten


Brandon Jones booked his massage in the hopes of getting a break from his hectic work schedule to completely relax and forget the stress of his very busy life. The toned, fit young man hits the jackpot when biracial stud Ken Ten walks in to deliver the rubdown. Ken is a true 10…perfect lean muscularity, sharp, sexy tattoos, and a handsome face that could grace the cover of fashion magazines. And his physical blessings also include a 10 inch cock that looks more like a club. Ken crosses the line during Brandon's massage, rubbing oil into his shoulder's and back, but also slipping a meaty finger into Brandon's tight ass. Soon all pretense of therapy is dropped and these horny English studs are on the table fucking, sucking and swallowing thick loads of hot semen. Ken tops Brandon, ramming his massive dick into Brandon's maxed-out hole like a piledriver. Ken muscles Brandon into extreme positions to allow his thick battering ram cock to penetrate to maximum depth. He leaves Brandon covered in a sheen of his spunk, and Brandon jerks his own cock and shoots his own payload, mixing it with Ken's seed.

Date: April 5, 2014

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