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UK Naked Men – James Hulk & Johnny Deep


James Hulk is back and with his own personal kink, wrestling in Lycra, and he's brought along a fuck-buddy who shares his penchant, sexy – Johnny Deep. The boys get straight down to action, their muscular bodies and bulging crutches make for some appealing lumps and bumps in the body hugging wrestling singlets. The lads are stiffening and though they're wrapped themselves in Lycra they won't be using any rubbers, this ones a hot-skin-on-skin, cum cavalcade. Johnny wriggles James' suit down to suck that juicy, uncircumcised cock, making sure its standing to full erect, attention. James moans with pleasure, closing his eyes and surrendering to the hot, talented lips, as the two burly lads slide out of the lycra and into each other. James' dick is up like a flag pole and he's gone be flying Johnny ass from it! The nasty, oversexed exhibitionists get down to some nasty bareback rooting and shooting !

Date: August 6, 2016

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